Ben Janik

VP of Engineering at in San Francisco

About Me

I'm an engineering leader and professional software engineer in San Francisco, currently leading product and engineering for, which solves the major problems with current presentation software. I have previously worked on a financial trading platform and an industry leading business intelligence reporting tool. Outside of work, I like to ski, climb, hike, bicycle, hang out with my dog, eat, drink, make music, listen to music, and enjoy the finer things.


Skills that pay the bills

JavaScript / SVG / Data Viz / GCP / React / CSS / Sass / HTML5 / Jasmine / Karma / webpack / babel / SQL / Firebase / web applications / architecture / performance / analytics / UX design / rapid prototyping

Fun Facts


I make a really good cup of coffee


I commute to work on a bike, and I ride pretty fast


I'm a way better skier than you #squallywood


I have worked professionally as a guitarist and recording engineer/producer

My Dog


Love to visit new places and return to favorites. Next up: Hawaii and Europe. Recently: NYC and Japan.

Hit Me Up!

I am available for consulting work and prototype web application development. I can provide you with scalable infrastructure and an MVP quickly and affordably.

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Very Accurate Statistics and Real Testimonials

  • 12,000

    Cups Of Coffee Drank
  • 23

    Countries Visited
  • 8,000

    Miles Biked
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