Ben Janik

Software Engineer in San Francisco

About Me

I'm a professional software engineer in San Francisco, currently working on Beautiful Slides. Previously, I've worked on a financial trading platform with Mirror Labs, and a leading cloud data warehouse platform with Birst. Outside of work, I like to hang out with my husky, ski, hike, bicycle, make music, listen to music, and enjoy the finer things.


Skills that pay the bills

JavaScript / React / Angular / RxJS / Backbone / jQuery / lodash / Python / Haskell / Clojure / ClojureScript / CSS / Sass / HTML5 / Jasmine / Karma / npm / webpack / babel / SQL / mongo / Firebase / web applications / architecture / performance / data visualization / analytics / UX design / rapid prototyping

Fun Facts


I make a really good cup of coffee


I commute to work on a bike, and I ride pretty fast


I love sliding down mountains on snow


I have worked professionally as a guitarist and recording engineer/producer

My Dog

I have a 2 year old husky


Love to visit new places and return to favorites. Next up: Patagonia, then Japan!

Hit Me Up!

I am available for consulting work and prototype web-application development.

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